Top Ten Signs You Spend Too Much Time Online:

  • 10. Your opening line is, "So what's your home page address?"

  • 9. Your best friend is someone you've never met.

  • 8. You see a beautiful sunset, and you half expect to see "Enhanced for Netscape 1.1" on one of the clouds.

  • 7. You are overcome with disbelief, anger and finally depressed when you encounter a Web page with no links.

  • 6. You feel driven to consult the "Cool Page of the Day" on your wedding day.

  • 5. You are diving on a dark and rainy night when you hydroplane on puddle, sending your car careening toward the flimsy guard rail that separates you from the precipice of a rocky cliff and certain death. You look for the "Back" button.

  • 4. You visit "The Really Big Button that Doesn't Do Anything" again and again and again.

  • 3. Your dog has his own Web page

  • 2. So has your hamster.

  • .... And the No. 1 sign that you have overdosed on the WWW:
    When you read a magazine, you have an irresistible urge to click on the underlined passages.