Bumper Stickers Seen

Seen on a Nisson Centra..."Recycled Rolls Royce"

If you get any closer, I'm gonna flick a booger on you

Skydiving: Good to the last drop.

That's not my dog, it's my ex-wife.

Officer, I was speeding because I have diarhea.

Impeach the President, and her Husband Bill too!

I'm sorry... your flip off sign did not go through. Please kiss my A** after the tone. BEEP!

I Think Mercedes, and drive this YUGO!

Excuse me, I am trying to speed, and it is hard to do that when you keep stopping me, and asking me to pay for it.

But officer, in California, you're permitted to drive on whatever side of the road you want to!

You're a bad driver, I'm a good driver, you smell bad, I smell good, and your Mom & Dad were brother and sister, any Questions??

My Kid Beat Up Your Honor Student.

I don't care what you say officer, I didn't get an F in sex on my drivers license!"

Officer, I'm not as think as you drunk I am.