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Our Entertainers

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Wally Harris

(Wallace James Harris)

Wally was an entertainer for most of his life. He was born and raised in Baraboo, Wisconsin - the home of the Ringling Brothers Circus and Circus World.

While he was still just a teenager in school, Wally would spend his summers on the road with medicine shows. He was billed as, "The Man with the Golden Voice."

Wally met and married his wife, Madeline (see her entry on this page), when they were both traveling with different shows. He and Madeline continued to travel with the shows until their third child, Buddy (see entry on this page) was about two years old. In the attached picture, Wally is in the center, dressed in the dark suit.

Madeline Harris

(Fritzi Madeline Harris)

Lucile Stephens

(Lissie Lucile Harris)

Madeline and Lucile were born into a life of entertaining. For several generations before them, audiences were compelled to laughter by the family. Their father was well-known for his antics as a clown and his talents as a performer. The three children, Madeline, Lucile, and Patrick, often accompanied him in skits, and with music and dancing, in appearances around Texas.

After their children were grown, Madeline and Lucile were in a musical trio with Maybelle Foster, called The Unpredictables. They played at events and for senior citizens and in nursing homes. Traditional songs and songs written by their father, GB, were their usual, but they were willing to try to play almost anything! At both social events and family get-togethers, a mandolin, banjo, guitar, and/or piano would make an appearance.

Buddy Harris

(Wallace James Harris, Jr.)

Buddy was born into a family with a long history of entertaining. Until he was about two years old, he traveled with his family on medicine shows. He and his sisters occasionally performed in skits with their folks, both on the traveling shows and after they settled in Texas. In the picture above, Buddy is on the left.

After his school days, Buddy moved to Arlington, Texas. He opened his own studio - The Buddy Harris Studio of Dance Arts. He taught a wide range of dance, from Ballet and Tap to Jazz and Modern Dance. He played roles in The Miss Texas and Miss America pageants, including judging, choreography, and costume design. Buddy was well-known for his costumes, and the quality of his work had been compared to the best in Hollywood.

Buddy was a very outgoing and loving man. His was known for his quick wit and hilarious jokes. He was the best friend a person could know.


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